AY Mission, Ensenada Mexico

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Georgetown Alliance Church in front of the 2 buildings they worked on for the boys home! GREAT JOB!!!!!

Georgetown team praying over the Director of the boys home.

Look at what Marie had to work with! Just kidding Sue!

Jen & Myra trying to figure the miter saw out.

Baptism at the beach, we baptised 11 (5 from Mexico & 6 from Georgetown).

1st of the 2 buildings for the boy's center.

Wayne & Cayla talking about the next project they need to tackle.

Matt, Jesse & Matt worker very hard on the 2nd building, this is only the beginning of it!

We let Pastor Tim off the hook this year, he only had to preach 5 times.

Mike, Billy & Matt sharing their testimonies! Great job!

Ministry @ Ojos Negros one last time this summer, always lots of opportunity to share HIS love with the people that live there.

Nick from Georgetown Alliance playing with a little girl before the VBS program.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Look at this group from Georgetown & Acton Ontario iin front of "Roca Fuerte"

Look at what takes place behind a puppet stage, pretty exciting isn't it?

Who is that "young lady" trying to jump rope with the Rebekah?

Sammy you need to jump higher!

Abby & Moriah have done a great job this fitting in with the groups, they are learning to be a little more open with the groups.

Practice makes perfect, just not with tieing balloons.

Janet wanted to make sure Ray wasn't slowing down on the job.

International soccer game, I believe this was the first time Mexico lost, probably because they played CANADA! ok, they didn't lose!

Time for the helping the little ones with a craft, we have had some great times taking photos of the children for the craft.

girls showing off their acting skills!

Look at those two poles holding the puupet stage, we needed a chair for it to be level! Sorry Janet!

The boys doing what they do best, hanging out and playing with kids!

Georgetown & Acton CRC churches doing some cement work.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Jorge & Ofelia after getting baptized in the ocean!

Jorge, Ofelia & Jordy in front of their new house!

The group standing in front of the finished house with the family

These two have been working hard ALL summer, maybe are hardest workers this summer, maybe not, but they have lots of fun doing whatever they do!

Big Daddy from the South! Jerry said he likes Hog brain and gritz, not sure about that!

Good old fashion sac race.

The group leading out in singing some kid's songs

Rick & the boyz from the South enjoying tacos at a local taco stand.

lots of talking going on before the work begins in the morning, especially Jesse with his guns!

Drew & Fritz working on Jorge & Ofelia's house.

Ladies preparing the siding for putting it on the house.

Dave from Madison Community sharing his testimony.

Pastor Jesse from Madison Community Church in Everett Washington preaching at Camino de Cristo

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A great job interacting with the little kids!

We are ready to put that PINK siding up, doesn't it look PERTY!

Painting the siding and getting it ready for putting it up.

Look at these GREAT song leaders!

New Life Alliance Church from Whittier California doing a VBS in El Zorrio.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Doesn't pastor Matt look like a penguin?

Please stop clowing around! We had a clown for the day at Faustino's church.

another hotdog fiesta!

ECD & Open Door churches working together to lead a children's program

Pastor Bob from ECD does very well at coloring, just don't ask him for directions!

feeding the children breakfast in Durango, again!

Experiencing God Differently Church making benches for Roca Fuerte